The EIUG is a proudly South African organisation, that is customer-led and that puts South Africa first.


Strongly believe that the energy industry is the engine for economic growth and development in our country.


Committed to work with Government, power utilities and other stakeholders to ensure South Africa has an energy supply industry that is financially viable, technically healthy and well managed.


Established in 1999, the EIUG is a voluntary, non-profit association of energy intensive consumers whose members currently account for over 40% of the electrical energy consumed in South Africa. Our members collectively contribute over 20% to the GDP of South Africa.


The EIUG is a consumer-led organization working for the good of the country. The group strongly believes that energy is the engine for economic growth and development in South Africa. We are therefore committed to working with government and other stakeholders to ensure South Africa has energy industries which provide reliable supply at acceptable quality and competitive prices.


The EIUG seeks to influence the shape of the energy industry to ensure that reasonable and economically sound solutions are developed. The country must transition to a lower-carbon future; the EIUG aims to ensure that this is done in a manner and within a time-frame that protects and maintains the competitiveness of our economy.


Our engagements are always underpinned by sound technical, fact-based work. Over the years, this approach has earned the EIUG respect in spheres of government, business, industry, and media. The group engages directly with government departments, Eskom, and NERSA. As well as coordinating efforts with established associations such as BUSA, BLSA, and the Chamber of Mines.


The EIUG believes that South Africa is unique in our requirements and that appropriate structures must be put in place to meet our power needs and to enable our industries to remain competitive. This includes appropriate regulatory and investment environments.

“The EIUG plays such a critical role with the System Operator on Security of Supply.”

At Greyling | Anglo Gold Ashanti

“The communications from the EIUG, especially the information gleaned as a result from the strong relationships with key stakeholders such as Eskom and NERSA, are critical in understanding the woes of the electricity industry and how to assist if and when possible.”

Jurg Zaayman | Glencore

“The EIUG continues to play a vital role on a number of important industry-wide workgroups dealing with key issues including: Wheeling; HASS; NRS048-9; and A Subsidy Framework”

Ian Morison | Anglo American

“The EIUG has been well understood and supported by Consol for many years,
we’re very happy with the work of the EIUG”

Paul Curnow | Consol

“We rate the EIUG very highly”

Bert Koster | Rand Water