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EIUG Comments on President’s SONA Statement – 10 February 2023

MEDIA STATEMENT: The Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG) broadly welcomes the pronouncements made by the President in the recent SONA address in Parliament on 09 February 2023. The EIUG is also particularly encouraged by the drive and retained focus demonstrated by the President on the Energy Action Plan first outlined in July 2022, which generally aligns with EIUG views on these matters.  The pronouncements on roof top solar incentives, diesel support to Eskom and the reiteration of Eskom debt support are viewed by the EIUG as positive. We also believe the pronouncement on the Minister of Electricity and the ...READ ARTICLE >>

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The EIUG shocked by Andre de Ruyter’s resignation from Eskom – 15 December 2022

MEDIA STATEMENT: The EIUG learnt with shock the resignation of Eskom Chief Executive Officer, André de Ruyter, yesterday afternoon. de Ruyter is leaving in the midst of an unprecedented bout of power interruptions due to poor generation performance and unavailability of diesel.  As a country, we are now not only enduring extensive power disruptions but also face a utility without a formally appointed leader to see us through the crisis. We therefore call on the Eskom Board and Shareholder to urgently start the process of finding a capable replacement who will vigorously drive the generation performance turn-around, tackle criminal ...READ ARTICLE >>

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Organised business joint position on carbon tax – 13 September 2022

MEDIA RELEASE The Energy Council of South Africa, Minerals Council South Africa, Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA), Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) and Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG) are jointly proposing improvements to the Carbon Tax proposals of the Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (TLAB). As the multi-representative bodies of organised business in South Africa, we are committed to a thriving and sustainable energy sector in South Africa and a just and equitable transition. We are supportive of carbon pricing, including the carbon tax and the development of tools and mechanisms that promote ...READ ARTICLE >>

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Joint EIUG-MCSA Submission: Methodology For The Determination Of Tariffs And Prices In The Electricity Industry – 12 August 2022

ANNEXURE A Overarching comments  The current draft methodology was preceded by a draft version published in September 2021. Whilst some enhancements have been made, it cannot be considered an improved methodology compared to the Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD) methodology, primarily because it lacks detailed formulae and rules for interpretation...[CLICK ON THE DOCUMENT IMAGE BELOW TO READ FULL TEXT]

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Urgent Action Vital For An Enabling Energy Supply Industry – 25 June 2021

By Fanele Mondi  Energy is the engine for economic growth and development in our country and requires an enabling electricity supply industry. To foster the prosperity of all South Africans, a reliable electricity supply, stable electricity costs and the decarbonisation of the economy is essential. Added generation and own-use generation capacity will assist to close the national electricity supply deficit. It is, therefore, encouraging that Government intends to increase the generation licence threshold from 1MW to 100MW. This is a material step forward in transforming our electricity supply industry (ESI) and closing the short-term energy deficit.  The unreliability of ...READ ARTICLE >>

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EIUG/ITTCC Decarbonisation Letter Of Support To Eskom – 5 November 2021

The EIUG and the Industry Task Team on Climate Change (“ITTCC”) collectively view climate change as one of the greatest threats humanity has ever faced. The impacts of climate change on people’s livelihoods, the environment and future generations is seen daily worldwide and cannot be understated. Ultimately, climate change poses a threat to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“UNSDG”), particularly UNSDG 13. Developing countries, such as ours, have already experienced the severe effects of climate change and we will be highly impacted in the near future by the negative impacts of climate change. As such it ...READ ARTICLE >>

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EIUG Response On NERSA Rejection Of Eskom MYPD5 Application – 15 October 2021

The EIUG has noted the NERSA rejection of Eskom’s Fifth Multi Year Price Determination (MYPD5) and the NERSA proposal for a year interim increase instead. The EIUG has in its response to the ESKOM Regulatory Clearing Account for Financial Year 2019/20 (RCA FY20) called for both the review of the pricing methodology and an interim 2–3-year fixed price increase be implemented in consultation with all key stakeholders. We believe this would ultimately offer stability and the ability to plan by all parties while a pricing methodology is being reviewed. ...[CLICK ON THE DOCUMENT IMAGE BELOW TO READ FULL RESPONSE] ...READ ARTICLE >>

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EIUG Response: Public Consultation on Concurrence with the Ministerial Determination on the Procurement of New Generation Capacity from the Short-Term Power Purchase Programme – 23 September 2021

The EIUG welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this important consultation and welcomes the STPPP initiative as a contributor in closing the energy deficit and thereby alleviating energy interruptions. Attached please find our response as annexure to this letter. ANNEXURE A:  EIUG RESPONSE: PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON CONCURRENCE WITH THE MINISTERIAL DETERMINATION ON THE PROCUREMENT OF NEW GENERATION CAPACITY FROM A RANGE OF ENERGY SOURCES FROM THE SHORT-TERM POWER PURCHASE PROGRAMME (STPPP) ...[CLICK ON THE DOCUMENT IMAGE BELOW TO READ FULL TEXT]

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