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Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems

ALMOST 150 years after photovoltaic cells and wind turbines were invented, they still generate only 7% of the world’s electricity. Yet something remarkable is happening. From being peripheral to the energy system just over a decade ago, they are now growing faster than any other energy source and their falling costs are making them competitive [...]

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Eskom facing ‘unsustainable’ 2.2% tariff increase

Nersa committee in favour of tariff discounts. Eskom is expected to issue a press release on Wednesday that will unpack the negative impact a 2.2% tariff increase would have on its financial stability. This follows after energy regulator Nersa’s electricity committee on Tuesday rejected an Eskom submission motivating for a bigger increase. The committee recommended [...]

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BRIAN KANTOR: Privatising energy sector only way to empower SA’s future

No other set of policies will be as important for SA’s ability to raise future incomes, output and employment and to compete globally as taking the right path for delivering energy. However, following the tempting money trail open to a few potential beneficiaries of energy procurement, as currently practised, is much more likely to predict [...]

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Nuke programme to go ahead but won’t be implemented recklessly: Gigaba

New Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba insist that government's controversial nuclear-build programme will continue as planned, but that it will not be implemented recklessly. Critics of the programme, who say it has already been corrupted after the 2014 announcement that Russian nuclear agency Rosatom had already secured the rights to build new South African nuclear [...]

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Eskom expects to deliver nuclear at 80c/kWh – Nicholls

Local and international nuclear experts, vendors and lobbyists are gathered at the annual Nuclear Africa conference held outside Pretoria from Wednesday to Friday. Moneyweb has spoken to some key delegates and brings you interviews with them. Eskom chief nuclear office Dave Nicholls told delegates that the utility, which will lead the procurement of 9 [...]

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