8. Monitoring Activities

8.1.  Low Carbon Finance Study to Support South Africa’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • Workshops/interviews are being arranged with Cement, Chemicals, Mining, Iron & Steel, Refining, Paper, Ferrous Alloys and non-Ferrous Alloys.

The World Bank Climate Change Group at the request of National Treasury is conducting a low carbon finance study using DNA Economics and The Greenhouse. The objectives of the study are to:

  • Explore approaches to stimulate energy efficiency and low carbon investments in South Africa’s industrial base,
  • Mobilise private sector finance to support industrial growth within the context of the country’s sustainable development strategy, and
  • Mitigate potential competitiveness impacts to sectors of national importance to South Africa’s economy, due to low carbon policies.


A presentation was made at the BUSA Environmental Committee Meeting on 20 April 2017. BUSA noted that the current problem with investment is likely not attributable to a lack of finance as much as a concern with staying afloat in this uncertainty.

DNA would like to interview sectors and will circulate an outline of questions and the Terms of Reference (ToR). The sectors will include Cement, Chemicals, Mining, Iron & Steel, and Refining, with Paper, Ferrous Alloys and non-Ferrous Alloys to be added as they were not on the initial list.

First deliverable will be a report on gaps and barriers of financing demand/supply.