The EIUG learnt with shock the resignation of Eskom Chief Executive Officer, André de Ruyter, yesterday afternoon. de Ruyter is leaving in the midst of an unprecedented bout of power interruptions due to poor generation performance and unavailability of diesel. 

As a country, we are now not only enduring extensive power disruptions but also face a utility without a formally appointed leader to see us through the crisis. We therefore call on the Eskom Board and Shareholder to urgently start the process of finding a capable replacement who will vigorously drive the generation performance turn-around, tackle criminal activities, facilitate financial stability and navigate the electricity supply industry (ESI) restructuring and the just energy transition. 

In the interim period, we plead with Eskom to ensure that the urgency and focus in implementing the Presidential energy crisis plan is not lost. We also urgently call on government to prioritise assisting Eskom with the necessary support and resources, including diesel budget, to see the country through this crisis. 

We acknowledge that de Ruyter had an extremely difficult and thankless job which required him to work under very challenging conditions. He has always been willing to share his plans with the EIUG and to consider our views on issues of mutual interest. Of concern, is that these same pressures have resulted in other Eskom executives leaving, creating a growing leadership and skills vacuum and low staff morale. We take this opportunity to thank de Ruyter and the other executives for their contributions to the country. We appeal to Government and Eskom to address the root cause of the resignations. 

The EIUG is committed to continue to work together with Eskom and all stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to the current ESI challenges so that the economy can grow, protect and create much needed employment. We also call on all stakeholders to give Eskom and its newly established Board the support and space needed to turn Eskom around for the good of our country and its citizens. 



Notes to the editors:

The EIUG was established in 1999, and is a voluntary, non-profit association of energy intensive consumers whose members currently account for over 40% of the electrical energy consumed in South Africa. As electricity is a key input to the processes of these organisations, it is the ‘life blood’ of our businesses. Our members collectively contribute over 20% to the GDP of South Africa and employ over 650 000 people across multiple sectors, including mining, quarrying, manufacturing, electricity, transportation, and water. The EIUG is dedicated to the promotion of the interests of energy users in South African Industry.

The EIUG is a consumer-led organisation working for the good of the country. The group strongly believes that energy is the engine for economic growth and development in South Africa. We are therefore committed to working with government, power utilities and other stakeholders to ensure South Africa has energy industries which provide reliable supply at acceptable quality and competitive prices.

Energy Intensive Users Group of Southern Africa NPC